An update on my thoughts on the Surface Pro after two months of use

After two months of intense use of my Surface Pro, I must say that I will not turn back to my old configuration. There are some cons, obviously, but after two months, in which I forced myself to only use it as my main device, when out of office, I can confirm quite everything I wrote in my last post.

One thing I appreciate more than before is the weight. Going around with 900 grams in the backpack or just with it in my hand, make a big difference compared to going around with my 15″ laptop. And having the same functionalities (the surface pro sports an i5 CPU), do not let you miss anything.

The cons I found are the screen size and coding with it. For some, having a resolution of 1920×1080 can feel too small, in my case, it is not the size, but the angle of the screen while lying on the table. It is too low, the angle seems it was studied for small people. I am 1.86 meter tall and, while at the table, it is really uncomfortable. Every time, I tend to lower my shoulders and head, to pair the viewing angle. So I ended up attaching some rubber bumpers on the bottom of my surface and using the nylon sleeve as a mount. Much better working with it laying down.

For the coding part, as I say in my previous post, the touch cover is not a viable solution at least for me, so, after some digging, I purchased a Logitech’s Bluetooth keyboard. This keyboard is really nice. First, you can invert function keys, it is backlit, does not use batteries, but you can recharge it by plugging it to an usb port and it is compact. It also has a proximity sensor that will light up the keyboard automatically when you come close. In the end, it is a bit expensive, but it is worth it in my opinion. I then purchased an economic Bluetooth mouse. I barely use it, while coding.

The new configuration of my backpack is much lighter than before without missing productivity. Maybe I am a little more productive, because now I write notes or quick fixes also in places where my notebook did not fit well or was uncomfortable to use.

Here is the back with the rubber bumpers:


My nylon sleeve to keep it in the right angle (at least for me)